´ Balance through the Strengths Lens -
April 18, 2015

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While looking for outward inspiration is a good first step we can never find balance in anything if we don’t look at our own life. The strengths lens can help us with that. Usually strengths are used to discover what we enjoy and what gives us energy and meaning. But by asking some simple and strengths lens inspired questions we can get helpful clues:

  • When did I feel the the most balanced in my body?
  • In what job or position did I feel that the challenges and my abilities were balanced out in the best possible way?
  • Which relationships are balanced in themselves?
  • Which relationships are very intense or easy-going and hence balance out other relationships?
  • Forgetting about all the advice and what we are supposed to feel which activities bring me peace and a sense of being centered?

The answers might not work in each and every situation but they can give you helpful ideas.

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