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February 13, 2015

Lots of things are left undone because we apparently stop having time when we get into our twenties. Success is this straightforward thing that means we can only pursue the things that bring some immediate and known return. Which is why any form of intentional creative activities cease to be part of lots of people’s lives. Same with learning stuff that we don’t immediately know how to use. Studying another language other than English or Spanish? Hard and a waste of time. Practicing an instrument? Would be nice but who has the time for that?

Interestingly when successful people are asked about the early days and what they did it turns out that pretty much everybody did something or someone random with no intention of turning it into a success at all: they traveled for a month by themselves or met someone while they were watching their kids play soccer.

When we engage in learning the exotic dance that nobody has an idea what it is or learn a language we don’t need for business it’s not only enjoyable when we are practicing these activities. We become people who can tell different stories. We will bond much quicker with fellow weird-dance-enthusiasts or random language speakers and even entertain those, who have nothing to do with these things. They allow us to make memories and to create the kind of serendipity that is often the beginning of great success stories.