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Conversations have the power to heal and rebuild. Listening lovingly, zooming in on underlying beliefs and stories which maintain suffering, gently challenging these and offering hope-filled alternatives together with a plan that fits you is what I do. If DIY is not enough right now you can book a free session to test out the waters risk free. Book the appointment online by clicking on contact/schedule now on the lower right side of the page and selecting two dates and times that would work for you.

One session (between 50 – 75 min, I don’t believe in cutting people off midsentence).

  • 1 session is CHF 190.00
  • 5 sessions are CHF 850.00
  • 10 sessions are CHF 1350.00


* I am not qualified to treat extremely serious cases such as physical abuse, rape, self-harming or suicidal depression. In those cases please google a specialized therapist or psychiatrist (medical doctor who can prescribe medication).


Seminars and Workshops

Are you or your company looking for inputs to improve health, happiness and meaning? I have given or am presently working on seminars, classes and workshops about the following topics:

  • strengths
  • learned optimism
  • self-image (self-compassion, self-efficacy, inner dialogue)
  • the psychology of now
  • habits of fulfillment

However during my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology I learned about many more topics which can be quickly turned into seminars or workshops:

  • positive psychology introduction
  • resilience
  • constructive journalism
  • have something else in mind? Contact me

From my experience I have learned that 3-5 lessons spread out over a few weeks is more effective than one eight hour day. Also please notice that I don’t provide ‘tools and worksheets’ that professionals can just use in their client work without reflecting on and trying the concepts out themselves. There are already enough people telling their clients things they don’t personally implement and I don’t wish to add to that, even if I could make money.



My mission is to spread positive psychology far and wide so the world can become more peaceful and people can lead happier and more meaningful lives. If you are a newspaper or magazine editor I would love to hear from you. Please note that I very rarely write blog posts for other websites (unless there is some existing connection).


Public Speaking

Any of the workshop or seminar topics can be turned into a talk.


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