´ Tortoise Style -
May 17, 2015

There is this inherent pressure to do things quickly: get home quickly, learn stuff quickly, walk quickly and get over trauma quickly.

I was never exactly living life on the fast lane but I seriously started questioning this imperative when I observed Mr. Ellis. Mr. Ellis was my English teacher and while students and teachers alike were scurrying through the school building Mr. Ellis always walked deliberately and obscenely

unrushed. That day I changed my walk. Now people recognize me on the street just because of how I walk. Car drivers smile. Somehow I still manage to be on time in most cases. Relaxed and in control.

Is whatever you are rushing towards really that awesome that it justifies being stressed throughout the journey, possibly missing beauty or touching moments? Don’t the people you will be with deserve a you that’s not irritable and short of breath?

When something difficult happens we don’t necessarily just feel bad about what happened; we feel bad because we think that we should be feeling or reacting differently or getting over something more quickly. You may not be able to stop feeling bad about what happened but you can definitely train yourself to not be stressed out about the imperative of speed. You take as long as it takes. No rush.

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