´ Thoughts as Food -
January 13, 2015

Food has a huge influence on how our body feels and performs. Thoughts are the equivalent for the mind. While you might have heard this analogy before let’s take it a step further.

  • What kind of thoughts are the sugars that give you a brief burst of energy but can add up fast to be damaging?
  • Which thoughts are the greens which give you lots of fibre and minerals and other good stuff that you need to be healthy but are not that easy to get used to?
  • What are the protein building blocks of your mind which give you good and slow energy?
  • Which ones are clearly junk food, which give us pleasure for 5 minutes but ultimately make us more hungry?

From these questions it becomes evident that a certain variety is needed. The questions also highlight that thoughts have very different effects. However like food thoughts are often habits. They can be just as hard to break. However discovering new and delightful thoughts can be just as exotic and tasty as trying a great fruit for the first time.

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