´ This makes Patience Easier -
November 25, 2017

We are conditioned to get everything now. While it’s pleasant to live in world like that it can lower our ability to deal with things that take time. We know that patience would be good but we often don’t know how to go about it besides just waiting. If we just wait we zoom in on the feeling that things are not moving fast enough. It’s a frustrating feeling.

Instead let’s acknowledge what needs to happen so the desired change can take place: repetition is a mechanism to prevent one-off events from triggering unhelpful changes. Imagine if we could all lose weight by skipping one or two meals. Sounds great. Except if food is scarce and all your energy reserves instantly drop off. You could die in an environment where food isn’t plenty. Repetition signals to your body that the situation really has changed and adaptation is necessary. Similarly your brain doesn’t let you remember everything you encounter. If it did you would have flashbacks of strangers twiddling their thumbs. It would be hard to sort through all of those meaningless things you saw once to come to the important parts. Patience is easier when you know that the time between you starting and you getting what you want is a necessary part of the process.

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