´ The Unexpected Journey - Being Honest about my services
May 17, 2014

How would you feel if someone approached you and said “look I can take you on a journey. I have no idea where we will be going. I can’t tell you whether to pack clothes for the beach or mountaineering equipment. We will have to figure that out on the road. You will likely explore things you have never seen before but maybe some poisonous insect will play havoc on your health. Your friends and family might think you are crazy for doing this and not only should you trust me with your mental health, you should also pay me significant amounts of money for going on this journey with you, despite the fact, that I have no idea, what the outcome of all of this would be.”

What if I told you that the person making the offer is me and that the person embarking on this journey is going to be you? “No effing way!” would be the sane response. However I would like you to consider this: despite promises of measurable outcomes and despite thousands of studies nobody including yourself can know for sure what impact any kind of intervention will have on you. That is not only true with coaching but even if stuff that’s supposed to be more scientific, like say learning to drive or taking medicine. Sure if you follow the procedure some things are more likely to happen than others. However I don’t feel comfortable promising you that working on strengths will make you a more confident or successful person or any of the other validated outcomes. It wouldn’t be honest. Just because it has been true from a scientific point of view it doesn’t mean it will be true for you. This doesn’t mean that I am taking the license to waffle. My goal first and foremost is to provide value to you. However I need you as my client to take responsibility:

  • the openness to try out new things
  • a little bit of patience because effects are not always visible after one or two sessions
  • the honesty to tell me if stuff does not work for you
  • the honesty to stand up for yourself and your needs


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