´ The Truth of Illusions -
June 5, 2015

In movies, books and plays we suspend our belief in pursuit of a different understanding. We know that the actor on stage is not really smoking a cigarette but we are willing to believe she is so the story can move along. We understand that sometimes by believing something we know is not true we can discover something else that is. Isn’t it fascinating that on a stage every character can pretend they are doing something which they are not actually doing, yet how the characters react and the moral of the story are exactly the same as real people in real situations?

Moving from a pessimistic to a more optimistic or from a fixed to a growth mindset is often a challenge for people because it requires a suspension in belief, something that we willingly grant the entertainment industry but not real life. Yes reality is not a movie, book or play (although some say it actually is): but pretending it is can lead to insight and change which are still 100% real.


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