´ The Prize -
May 22, 2015

Italy, Dolomites - wonderful scenery, above the clouds



What’s in it for you if you question your thinking patterns and try to change the climate of your mind? Why go through the effort?

  1. Instead of being the source of your anxiety your mind is a safe haven. It doesn’t mean it’s boring there. It just means that it doesn’t multiply the difficulties that life throws at you.
  2. Life is more interesting when we are not always thinking about threats and to-do lists. Following our instinct to appreciate, be curious and grow makes life interesting in a way that is more permanent than the occasional bungee jump.
  3. Lots of unhappiness comes from wanting others to fulfill our needs. But if we create an environment that is readily accessible and provides us with the right balance of stimulation and relaxation we can fulfill our needs in a more timely and reliable way.


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