´ The Joy of what you can Do -
November 20, 2017

Welcome to body week. Our body is often viewed through the lens of what others see when they look at us. Let’s kick this week off by taking pleasure in what we can do with our body. Again it’s tempting to judge what we can do by other people’s standards. The great thing is that you can access good feelings right now. If you are fit you might need to do fifty push-ups before you feel that pleasant muscle tingling and increased blood flow everywhere. If you are not very fit you can still do one or even half a push-up. Maybe it’s a brisk walk. Nobody cares. Doesn’t it feel nice? Kids are great role models when it comes to this. They grin like someone has drugged their cookies when they can walk a few steps. Of course you can choose to take it for granted that you can move. I implore you, not to wait for an injury to teach you the great freedom of being able to move.

Ask Alexa to remind you tonight before bed to remember the body positive moments of your day.

Tomorrow we will talk about zeroing in on what we don’t like about our bodies.

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