´ The Guilt of Slow -
July 18, 2015

We like fast cars, instant shipping, fast food and instant stain removal. Google, Amazon and Apple are among other reasons successful, because they have made daily life more efficient.

So wanting to go slow is something that can make us feel guilty. It’s the opposite of what we’re supposed to want. Go slow at your own peril. Slow is usually seen as some kind of problem: underlying fear, fear of success or just plain loser-like. Go fast or go home.

But to me going slow is about being realistic: I don’t have the skills to drive a car at 150 miles an hour. I would just fly off the road at the next left turn. So some things in my life I either do slow or not at all. People might not understand. Or tell me I should train to be a race-car driver. But sometimes I don’t want to. Slow is right. Maybe not forever but for now.

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