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Hi Kristen,
Not sure how and where to begin a review…
Having listened to all episodes several times, what strikes me as wonderful is that no matter what kind of microphone you have now or the technical modifications you have made: the way you bring your messages about, and most of all why you bring your messages about shines through all episodes and it’s the reason I got hooked.
I paid particular attention to this last episode on incentives because I am someone who works with people and last week my competencies to do so where questioned often. Some of the feedback for hard for me to take and I had difficulty looking at the next week with optimism. This episode gave me the will to simply go out there again and do it again with awareness of my own incentives and reasons behind my work. Feeling a bit better about the upcoming week and looking forward to implementing the learnt wisdom. As usual, thanks Kristen for your work. Corina

Thank you for everything you do.  Your podcast has helped so many I am sure…in the way that it has helped me.  I have to say that using some of the basic principals you review and cover, along with the new information, and, of course your book.  I have made some very positive strides in my life.  I have a background in psychology and as is often the case, take the least care in caring for myself.  Having podcasts such as PPP to remind myself to do the things that will make me happier and therefore allow for positivity to flourish around me (we often do get back what we put out there) makes it easier to accomplish. David LeBahn


in iTunes by Tijananil from Norway on May 14, 2017

Faithful follower on my weekly running trips. Not only do I learn a lot of useful and interesting things, but Kristen’s pleasant voice also helps me keep my mind on the positive side of the world. Highly recommended if you want to broaden your horizons and get input on how to be a better version of yourself. Thank you Kristen!


I love it!

in iTunes by Cecilia Stefañuk from Switzerland on April 11, 2017


Dear Kristen, Thanks for this wonderful podcast, it just came to me at the right time when I was looking to make some changes in my life. After each episode I am left with so much positive energy and I feel excited to try new things in order to improve myself, my relationships, my view of the world, everything that surrounds me. Having talked to you in the “ What do I need right now” coaching session I realized how far I’ve come in a short span of time and how much power we have to make changes in order to live happy and more fullfilling lives. Thanks for being there, it’s always great to hear you!


Great advice

in iTunes by jay13467 from USA on March 28, 2017


This podcast is full of really valuable insight. I love the guests she brings on.


Great Stuff

in iTunes by Pekka_de from Switzerland on March 9, 2017

I am a big fan of positive psychology: It takes up so many subjects that have hitherto belonged to the domains of philosophy, religion, and personal behaviour. The good thing: Much in positive psychology is done on a scientific basis, with quantitative methods at hand. This podcast will give you an excellent introduction into the subject, so I can recommend it: Start with the archive. If you don’t like an episode, just skip over it, and concentrate on the little diamonds in the next episodes – because you will find many, many of these. Great stuff.




in iTunes by Catishoru from Romania on March 16, 2017

I am incredibly grateful for the positive state that this podcast and Kristen promote in every session. It is engaging, full of interesting and helpful information and very often completely surprising. This podcast is truly a gift to the world! Thank you!


Great thoughts

in iTunes by Lena Cu from Germany on February 4, 2017


The Episode about politics is the best I have heard or read since Trump won. Such an intelligent critical discourse about the political situation in the US! Enjoyed it a lot. It did not feel upsetting but thoughtful and peaceful. This is a direction of speech and talk we need in hateful times like this. Thank you and greetings from Germany!


I love this podcast so much!

in Stitcher by Andrei2017 from USA on December 22, 2016

Nothing has ever made such a immense difference in my life before like this podcast. Full of incredible advice and positive things waiting to be applied by us onto us. Purely awesome, I am now aware of lots of feelings and thoughts and I feel better and stronger with each day because of it. Much love!



This one is short & sweet


in iTunes by RadioFan1111 from Switzerland on January 11, 2017

Awesome podcast! Very helpful!

Thanks a lot RadioFan, it’s always nice to get some support from the homeland….


  1. Robert

December 21, 2016 @ 17:24


Hei, Kristen!
I found your podcast a while ago and I can’t stop listening.
I am going to list a few reasons as to why I like it so much:
– I became more aware of my actions, thoughts and feelings after every episode that I listened;
– It’s a constant “oasis of good information and advice” for me;
– After the elections (in Romania) it truly helped me and my friends recover from the shock (we had it too);
– It helped me understand other people more clearly;
– I feel like because of your podcast I have a stronger relation with my friends an family;
– As a bonus, you constantly remind me of my best friend who is also a psychologist (and she loves your podcast too);

I hope you’ll never stop doing this!

Much love from Alba-Iulia, Romania.

Hi C. Robert


I’m eternally grateful for your podcast. I first came across it during a very depressive time in my life and listened to every episode. Your studies and thoughts sparked in me an overwhelming sense of hope and motivation to live and live well. It also reminded me how much i enjoy psychology after I’d pushed aside my studies for years. You’ve brought up so many points that clicked a realization in my head that I can’t think of any specific one that stands out! I also love the casual and often humorous tone and beat of the whole thing. So thank you Kristen, because of your work I am currently the happiest, wholesome person I’ve ever been and am now pursuing my own work in psychology. Please keep it up!




Hey Kristen,

Wanted to shoot you a note to say thank you for an amazing podcast. I stumbled upon positive psychology around a year ago and was fascinated.  I then did more research and came across your podcast. I binge listened to every episode on my commute and found myself taking notes every day on things to do/look up. I look forward to new episodes and thank you for the amazing work you do!!!!




in iTunes by G@rdenia53 from USA on September 21, 2016

Thank you Kristen for not only sharing life changing information in an accessible way, but for sharing your personal experiences in such a genuine and authentic way! You show us what real happiness is like lived out day by day. Happier in Dubai


Inspirational and enjoyable!

in iTunes by Jorrai from UK on September 19, 2016

Really pleasant podcast by such a passionate caster. A nice boost of optimism and positivity to recharge the batteries after a hard day.





in iTunes by RinnyRice from UK on September 17, 2016

I couldn’t understand why I had stopped Running or didn’t have the willpower to stop eating bad food. This podcast has given me food for thought and I have really enjoyed understanding my own behaviour and how to tackle things. It makes you feel great to understand!


Wonderfully Interesting & Inspiring

in iTunes by S7W from UK on September 5, 2016

Kristen has become a constant companion as I listen through the back catalogue of her material. I have liked each guest so far, and themed shows. I am in a happier place after each show, as it leaves me reflecting upon each topic for some time afterwards, thanks mainly to the questions asked. Kristen has also grown in her presentation skills, and editing skills. Cannot recommend this show enough. It has inspired me to learn more on the huge topic of Positive Psychology.


Where to Begin

in iTunes by Diddles08 from USA on August 22, 2016

Hi Kristen, Where do I even begin…. I suppose first off I would like to thank you so much for this podcast. I have been listening for a while now. Currently, I was just looking for other podcasts and I couldn’t help but compare those podcasts to this one. May I say in my search I was very disappointed, which is why I think I was inspired to write a review. Many other reviewers have said your podcast to be “like talking to a friend,” in which I completely and utterly agree. Your love for the subject and its listeners is very much felt. About every time I listen to your podcast, it doesn’t matter what topic, I feel extremely inspired to be a better person, to live a better life, and be proactive, so much so that I hope to someday be a podcaster like yourself spreading life’s light as you do. I like to live by my quote which is, “Something as simple as a smile can change someones day and potentially their life.” Thank you for being that smile for me and many others. You truely have touched and changed my life in the best of ways. Thank You again and Best Wishes, Kate



Perfect timing

in iTunes by Flipmstr2 from USA on August 15, 2016

No this isn’t big production, but it has outstanding content. The host is both personal and insightful. It is helping me become a new me.


what the world needs now

in iTunes by AmyFromSpace from Germany on August 14, 2016

absolutely love this podcast. Great to listen to, energizing and bringing your mood up in seconds + very informative on positive psychology topics. Everybody should have this podcast on his/her list, finally it’s the human being that matters!


True gem of a podcast!

in iTunes by SubHerban_mama from USA on August 2, 2016

I work evenings, and love listening to positive, uplifting and informative podcasts. I found this one a couple of weeks ago, and have listened to almost all past episodes. I find something relatable in every single segment. I love that it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my life and grow, all while walking at work! Great podcast. I recommend it to all of my friends! Looking forward to future episodes.

One of my Absolute Favorites

in iTunes by AmyKateS23 from USA on August 1, 2016

Thank you Kristen for creating this awesome podcast! I’ve been listening for about 6 months and you consistently deliver such awesome and interesting material. For anyone who is genuinely interested in understanding how to live the good life, I would highly recommend your podcast! I get really excited every time I see a new episode downloaded 🙂

Genuinely helpful

in Stitcher by nutt1_nat_hatch from USA on July 24, 2016

The steady, un-rushed pace of this podcast, along with Kristen’s soothing voice and down-to-earth, authentic demeanor makes this show one that I come back to time and time again. I always learn something useful from her episodes and Kristen’s genuine interest in helping her listeners live happier lives come through in all that she does. Highly recommend it!

The Feel Good Stuff

in iTunes by Ham’s girl from USA on July 24, 2016

Thank you Kristen!! I feel like you are my good friend! I turn to your podcast when I need a lift! I desperately needed this podcast at this time in my life. I have been going through major changes over the last year or so, unfortunately it has brought out extreme anxiety, depression, and a hidden low self esteem but I have to say by listening to every single one of episodes of The Positive Psychology Podcast I feel I was given ways to think and live healthier. The tools that Kristen so generously gives to all to use will help me through a lifetime. I also really enjoy that she invites professional guest speakers to give their different perspectives as well. Thank you for bringing a joyful experience for all to enjoy. I will forever be grateful!

Life Changing

in iTunes by Guntherbt from Australia on July 9, 2016

Thank you Kristen for dedicating some much time understanding positive pshycology and delivering it in a way for all to understand. Your work helped me through a rough time and has continued to be a positive influence. Thank you. Marc from Newcastle NSW Australia


Sooooo good!

in Stitcher by Anna from Ireland from USA on July 7, 2016

This is the most “listener focused” podcast I know. I really feel like Kristen was talking to me and about me. Her style and tone is totally unique. She is warm and intimate but also funny, like a perfect friend. Thanks for that, Kristen! Never, ever stop podcasting!


Just Can’t Get Enough

in iTunes by Taryl Marie from USA on June 24, 2016

This is by far the Podcast I look the most forward to. Kristen’s real-ness and genuine heart put her in a class all her own. The positivity I take from this podcast inspires me to stay positive and share that positivity with as many other people as I can.


Great way to wake up!

in iTunes by Shari Weir from Japan on June 6, 2016

Kristen is so chill! Its like listening to a best friend give you advice. I only found this podcast a week ago and since then I’ve been listening to it religiously. Its the first thing i put on in the mornings while i get ready to start my day. As a psychology student taking a break from academia, its a great way for me to also stay connected to the field. I really love this podcast, it shall surely help me in my personal growth. Thank you so much for being such a beautiful soul!



A well produced podcast

in iTunes by JoelWGthx from USA on May 31, 2016

I love this podcast. I never write reviews but I felt this podcast deserved one. It has many techniques, exercises, and lessons to increase the positivity towards ones life. Tremendous effort! I’m very thankful to listen to these!


Awesome Podcast

in iTunes by MobileCondor from USA on May 23, 2016

This is my favorite podcast and I look forward to each and every new episode. I can’t tell you how much this podcast has improved my life. Ten stars would be more appropriate.


Love this

in iTunes by calliangelo from USA on May 16, 2016

I enjoy the way Kristen explains things in a simple way that you can apply to daily life 🙂


Kristen rocks

in iTunes by Lonneke Zeijlemaker from Norway on May 6, 2016

I LOVE this podcast! What a great person Kristen is, to teach the world to be happier. Listen to Kristen and do what she says!


Hi from Chicago!!!

in iTunes by @senzubeing from USA on May 5, 2016

Amazing podcasts! Goes hand in hand with every day commute on my end..has helped me with the current issues in my life…thank you!!!! Really thank you!! I wish to meet you one day and have a conversation like this with you but I know life intermits so for now I’ll continue to listen ..and if there’s anything that I can contribute please let me know….high five and hugs!


My jogging soundtrack

in iTunes by fpmello from Brazil on May 3, 2016

Running has always been about meditation to me. And this podcast made me add 30 minutes to last month sessions!


Wisdom distilled from science

in iTunes by Orange SG from Singapore on April 19, 2016

Thank you Kristen for this podcast! I like your way crystal clear explanation, wisdom and insight, and shared as someone who I can relate to easily. Even as someone who studied positive psychology, I often get new insight from you, and of course refresh on topics that I forgot. Would love to meet you if you ever come to Singapore. Thank you!


The Best!

in iTunes by Allergic from USA on April 13, 2016

I’ve tried a lot of self-help podcasts. This one is by far my favorite. She is very encouraging, supportive, and personable. She shares a sprinkle of her own experiences, so it feels like she’s with you.


Uplifting and Informative

in iTunes by Suki424 from USA on April 10, 2016

I love this podcast. It’s become an important part of my mental health care. I really appreciate the way the material is presented- in an informal and caring way- like conversing with a compassionate friend. Thank you for your contribution to humanity!

Motivating and informative

in iTunes by Introvert Intrapreneur from USA on April 2, 2016

Hi Kristen. I found your podcast a few weeks ago. I’ve been binge listening. I tend to jump around, based on your episode titles. So far, I’ve enjoyed 005, 006, 018, 020, 027, 037, 042, 065. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!


I just want to give it ten stars!

in iTunes by 90Jenny from China on March 28, 2016

amazing podcasts, i can listen to several episodes one time while i’m walking, when i finish all episodes, i think i’ll listen to them once again, just wish more people will find this podcast and the excellent producer will release more episodes, appreciate all the wonderful efforts you’ve made. from, eireen ,China


Fun and Helpful

in Stitcher by HappyCeleste from USA on March 26, 2016

This is an excellent podcast! Kristen is very knowledgeable, but explains things in an easy to understand manner. I also enjoy her personality – listening to her is fun. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to be happier, which I suppose is just about everyone.


Helpful and Delightful!

in iTunes by Chica Happy from USA on March 11, 2016

I binge listen to every episode over the last three weeks. I learned so much! I love how knowledgeable Kristen is, but also how she delivers the information in a simple, easy to understand manner. I also enjoy how she connects with her listeners, it’s like I’m having a chit chat with my best girlfriend.


Positive psychology

in iTunes by Barbskee from USA on March 6, 2016

I really enjoyed episode 55 which I found while listening to the top 10 episode of 2015. Very informative information initially presented through a book by Kelly McGonigal a researcher who is working with the issue of willpower. The presentation was well delivered and I’m planning to share it with several of my clients who struggle with motivation and the difficulty of developing positive habits. Great job, Barbara Monett, LCSW Santa Cruz California


Thank You

in iTunes by roderick.lapid from USA on February 27, 2016

Hi, I want to thank you for your wonderful podcast. I’ve been slowly reading Martin Seligman’s work and listen to your podcast simultaneously. I know now that I’ve been very pessimistic for the past 8 years because of personal and professional setbacks. With Seligman’s book and your podcast I have a new bounce in my step, feeling empowered to change things back to optimism I’ve had years ago… thank you, thank you, thank you!


Great Podcast

in iTunes by Catkay0711 from USA on February 2, 2016

I really enjoy the Positive Psychology podcast. Kristen provides great topics which are down to earth and thought provoking. Kristen is very genuine and her podcasts are uplifting. Keep up the great work!


Just great!

in iTunes by Flávio Amaral from Brazil on January 24, 2016

I’ve found out about this podcast a few days ago and am struggling not to get addicted LOL. Kristen makes PP clear in a very energizing way. So far from what I’ve listened to she has covered the main themes and invited important figures to be interviewed. In every show you find practical uses of PP to your own life. Congrats and keep up with the good work!


in iTunes by skmhouse from USA on January 11, 2016

I love how her topics can really open my eyes to things I never really thought about. So far as a new listener I have already started to look at things in a new light and perspective!! Awesome podcast!!


Positively Perfect!

in iTunes by 7rgthyj7ke543 from UK on December 26, 2015

Each episode touches upon a different aspect of positive psychology or interviews a prominent figure in the field. Kristen does her best to include the most interesting information on each topic and condenses it into a digestable chunk of listening joy.


Subscribe to this Podcast NOW!

in iTunes by Kim RB from Canada on December 25, 2015

This podcast is fantastic. Kristen provides is a welcome mix of academic and practical knowledge about positive psychology. She provides well-research and easy to understand information on specific and timely positive psychology topics. I am loving this one and I know you will too!


Great Podacast!

in iTunes by PompeyStudent from UK on December 16, 2015

Such an interesting podcast! So happy that I stumbled across this – informative and explained very well 🙂


Smart living by living well

in iTunes by Comixboy from USA on December 3, 2015

There are so many things I want to say here. I will simply say that this podcast is infectious and life changing. Thank you for your work!


Insightful & human

in iTunes by Elke Kora from Australia on November 27, 2015

What a wonderful podcast thoughtfully presented full of insights & breaths humanity worth tuning into for pearls of wisdom Amanda Blue mountains Australia


one of my favourite shows

in Stitcher by mohamed from USA on September 26, 2015

kristen is talented in simplifying science it is clear that she loves what she is doing and putting much effort in it always talking fluently and very well choosing her words my only complaint is that the audio quality is not doing your voice any justice, that said I have heard other personal podcasts that suffered from much worse audio problems that made them unhearable. this is not the case here at all , I just love to hear your voice in a higher quality Bitrate, I beleive you did very well introducing the newly emerging positive psychology to the masses wish you continuous success


Well worth listening

in iTunes by U31116kjdfth from USA on August 8, 2015

Stumbled upon, started listening, glad I did. Nice mix of relaxed personable easy listening, grounded information and nuggets to get me thinking in a good direction and tidbits to start applying practically to my life. Thanks.


lots of love

in Stitcher by June 23 from USA on August 4, 2015

This is a wonderful podcast. I really liked it and think the topic is so interesting

Just Right – Enjoyable, Interesting, Articulate, Practical

in iTunes by Heidi – My Honest Opinion from Switzerland on July 23, 2015

I have been a listener and a follower of Kristen for a few years now. I am also an avid (yet picky!) follower of a great many psychology and spirituality topics. Kristen’s podcasts are just the right balance of light hearted, fun, relaxed, easy listening while also informative, well thought out, covering the main current movements of thoughts in current positive psychology research. Easy overview of main theory and concepts while also giving very grounded practical take aways that can be quickly applied and transformative in every day life. I personally have found following her podcasts worth my time.


A great introduction to the field of positive psychology!

in iTunes by Amsmith1009 from USA on July 14, 2015

I’ve spent the last several weeks going through the archives of the podcast and I have to say that Kristen does a great job of relating positive psychology to bettering ourselves and our lives in simple but effective ways. Her interviews are with some of the leaders in the field and are always interesting and insightful. I am always interested to hear what she has to say. Keep up the good work!


science based

in iTunes by simon_herrmann from Switzerland on July 6, 2015

Based on evidence, this brings you invaluable insight in different aspects of life to increase your flourishing and wellbeing. It will influence how you look at life and interaction with others. I highly recommend it!


Great show

in Stitcher by martin87 from USA on June 11, 2015

Wonderful podcast by a wonderful person. Wonderful!


Happiness Podcast

in iTunes by Digitalcapibara from USA on June 10, 2015

I studied psychology and counseling in the 90’s, but the field of Positive Psychology was infant and out of mainstream research. How happy I am to have found it and this podcast! It’s fantastic that this clearly passionate student of happiness and self improvement puts such effort into researching so many branches of this fabulous and growing field. As a father of two kids (9 and 12), I have been seeing myself through a different lens over the last decade. Like most people in today’s rush-rush society, I struggle with the day to day, rarely taking the time to slow down and introspect. Not only has this podcast helped me to become more aware of personal/cultural/social influences in my happiness, but just as importantly it has helped me to become a better parent and partner. I like to listen to the episodes twice: once for me and then a second time keeping the development of my children and my parenting strategies in mind. I should probably do it 3 times – once for each child; they each have their own needs! I only subscribe to 3 podcasts of the many that I could. This is one. And the ONLY one that I keep all the episodes!! I am certain that you will find gems and nuggets that resonate for you here. :)) Thank you, Kristen!


Pure good mood

in iTunes by Dje8004 from Switzerland on January 22, 2015

Crispy, funny, casual and with highly interesting content this podcast is pure good mood reversed directly into your ears. The jingle starts and I feel the smile growing on my face and the urge of starting to dance in rhythm. The inspiring host Kristen and her always very interesting invitees share in a very accessible way diverse tools to built a « flourishing life ». Listen to it! You’ll feel more knowledgeable, empowered, energized and in a great mood !


Just what the world needed!

in Stitcher by MrWaik from USA on January 19, 2015

Dive into the warm sea of positive psychology and change your life forever!



Terrorism through the Lens of Transformative Action

in Stitcher by MiriamT from USA on January 19, 2015

Very interesting and well thought out 🙂 Enjoyable to listen to as a very different approach to a topic that is very spoken about in the media.

Like listening to a friend

in iTunes by HKR76 from USA on November 10, 2014

I’ve never met you but I really like your podcasts. So if you’re ever in Iceland please let me buy you a cup of coffee:) Cheers Hildur