´ How Strengths can Reduce Unhelpful Thoughts -
July 26, 2014

Control Emotions.

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CreativityUse your creativity to come up with alternative explanations
CuriosityUse your curiosity to non-judgmentally investigate when happy thoughts occur and why
JudgmentUse your judgment to objectively assess how likely it is that your negative thoughts are 100% true
Love of LearningUse your love of learning strength to distract yourself by learning something you enjoy
PerspectiveUse your perspective to assess how these problems will affect you one, three or ten years from now
BraveryUse your strength of bravery to confront the unhelpful thought-patterns you have had for years
PerseveranceUse your strength of perseverance to gently attempt to change your thoughts repeatedly
HonestyUse your honesty to admit to yourself that these issues can be hard
ZestUse your zest to get physically active
LoveUse your strength of love and treat yourself the way you would treat a loved one
KindnessImagine what the kindest person you know would say about your issue and say the same thing to yourself
Social IntelligenceUse your social intelligence to understand how others successfully deal with negative thoughts
TeamworkImagine how a successful sports team might tackle similar negative thoughts
FairnessUse your strength of fairness to be sure you are fair towards yourself
LeadershipTreat the transformation of your negative thoughts with the same importance as a vital long-term project
ForgivenessForgive yourself in big and small ways
HumilityPay attention and give credit to all the people and circumstances which make positive change possible for you
PrudenceUse your strength of prudence to not demand too much too soon from yourself
Self-RegulationUse your self-regulation strength to become aware of negative thoughts and treat them like passing clouds
Appreciation of BeautyNotice the beauty around you and treat it as a space where you can take a break from negative thoughts
GratitudeUse your strength of gratitude to imagine what you can be grateful for
HopeFind reasons to remind yourself that you have what it takes and that it’s worth hoping for a good outcome
HumorImagine the worst possible scenario and then use humour to make it so ridiculous you have to laugh
SpiritualityConsider the transformative power getting over your current thinking patterns could hold
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