´ The Sounds that make you Happy -
January 29, 2015

Through the closed window the sounds I hear include a ship horn, sea gulls, crows and doves crying with high pitch and frequency, cats which are either being tortured by other cats, wanting sex

or having sex and the call to prayer. Sometimes the street musicians’ flute playing is carried here as well depending on the direction of the wind and there’s always some place where construction workers are knocking down parts of buildings, which is apparently a perfectly normal thing to do at 1.30 in the morning. Here in Istanbul sounds are at the forefront of my mind and it makes me think about their influences on emotions.

What sounds make you happy? Music? What kind of instruments do you really enjoy? How do you feel about the sound of other languages or the sound of a plane? Does it make you smile and dream about far-away places? Is traffic noise always a bad thing or can it evoke happy memories? I love hearing the sirens of NYPD cars because they remind of the time I used to live there.

These things might seem trivial. However the more aware we are of the various inputs we get in daily life and how they make us feel, the more we can exercise some control by blocking out the unwanted and amplifying or multiplying the things we enjoy.

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