´ A slightly different sermon about your comfort zone -
January 24, 2015

‘Growth happens out side your comfort zone’ or ‘just do it’ is something we hear all the time. However if some adventure traveler who has been to 93 countries and slept in a glacier (not beside one) tells you to just book a ticket do you book and leave? If so that’s wonderful but what if not? What if you are not the kind of person to jump in and learn to swim right there and then because in real life you also learned

to swim before you jumped in by yourself and without anyone to save you. In other words how can the folks who are little bit more risk averse than others at least explore the boundaries of their comfort zone and glean what’s on the other side of it?

Baby steps are great. Just because you can get everything within a couple of clicks doesn’t mean that your transformation needs to happen that fast. If you never spend time by yourself see what happens if you turn everything off for thirty minutes and just be with your thoughts. If that sounds too easy do it for 5 hours. If it sounds horrifying try it for 15 or even just 5 minutes. Nobody cares, nobody is measuring you.

Leaving your comfort zone leads to discomfort. However if you practice tolerating a little discomfort it will cease to lose it’s power as the thing that prevents you from doing stuff you want to do, be it see the world, create your art or grow your business. If you expect it and accept it when it arrives it’s a lot less scary than if it creeps up on you.

For some people having never traveled and then suddenly booking on a three month trip works. If you are not one of them permit yourself the baby steps, be compassionate with your discomfort and your fear. And if you feel ready to go for a day go for a day. If you are scared of traveling to exotic places start with something you are comfortable with.

‘But growth is outside the comfort zone.’ Yes and no. If you face the choice between never going and taking baby steps the latter is much better. And just like a toddler looses its wobbliness when walking you will eventually make bigger steps and build confidence.



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