´ Why you matter to strangers -
December 18, 2014

It’s easy to not know how much we matter. Even to strangers. Emotions are like good or bad viruses and influence the behaviour of people we have never even met. That’s not something you should worry about when you are going through a rough time. It’s something to consider when you are feeling okay. Small choices matter. Almost every single one of them is a reinforcement of sorts: whenever you choose the answer the email of the person who has yelled at you before the one by the nice gal, you unintentionally support the saying that ‘nice guys finish last’. When you ask a service provider to send you a copy of a very old document and you are ready to wait for weeks and pay fees for that but are too cheap to pay the same fees, if they are able to send you the document the same day, it means that you punish the well-organised person who saved you time and trouble.

Luckily it works the other way around as well: when you make an extra-effort to tell others about that orthopedist who cares more about your feet than even your most considerate lover you help not only them flourish in their business but make your friends maybe stop and think about the people in their life who are really good and deserve their support as well: a bit like a happy non-emotional virus. That’s why you matter more than you think even to people you have never met.


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