´ Why our Reality seems Fixed when it's not -
November 12, 2017

Our brain pretends that there is only one reality out there: the one we perceive. We have evolved this way to make sure we can go about our life without being constantly overwhelmed. The downside is that if our brain is used to seeing the world with a rather negative lens it’s almost impossible to believe that things could be different. It takes effort to change the pathways your brain has created but it can be done. Imagine you had an assistant and that assistant has learned throughout the years what kind of information you react to and what you ignore. Your brain is exactly the same. You can retrain your brain to highlight more about the world that is good and meaningful and less about things that are annoying or sad. This doesn’t mean you ignore negativity. It means you choose wisely to focus only on negativity that you can do something about as opposed to feeling helpless.

If you want to take this one step further you could write some positive things down that you usually don’t pay attention to. When you have a moment, at a red light for example, recount those positive expressions and pay attention to how this makes you feel.

I wish you lots of positive emotions today. Why not check out the Positive Psychology Podcast next?

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