´ Randomness of Competition -
November 22, 2015

There is this drive to be better than others. I see it in school children, students, at the work place and even when a couple of people come together to socialize. This is encouraged as our whole economy is built on competition. However if you want to be better than others you give devote your life to total randomness: being the best in class doesn’t mean anything if your cohort happens to be a weak one. It sets you up for either being unhappy that you are not the best, or when you reach the top spot being lulled into thinking you are really good, without knowing if that is true or not until you leave your pond for a bigger one (and then you start all over from the bottom).

If you set goals that you want to reach regardless of what everybody else is doing you might fail or not. But at least you are not guided by randomness.

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