´ The Raindance (Power of Hope)
May 22, 2014

There’s this scene in “How I met your Mother” where Ted wants it to rain so that Robin won’t go camping with a co-worker. He is absolutely desperate and even coerces Barney to convince a girl he has slept with to share the sacred procedure of doing a raindance. Not only do the guys have to be ridiculously persistent to convince the girl, it turns out she has never witnessed it herself, just read about it. He doesn’t care that he has next to no idea whether he is doing it properly.

He doesn’t care that there is not a single cloud in the blue sky: he starts performing a several hour long rain dance on a New York City rooftop. He looks ridiculous and of course Barney mocks him. So does the sky which is just as blue as can be.

That is hope at its purest: Ted is willing to make a complete fool of himself. He has the laws of nature working against him yet he doesn’t give up. Mind you he is not sitting around hoping something good will happen. He is doing something to make it happen.  In TV and daily life having hope makes you vulnerable. It’s something people sometimes make fun of or declare as crazy. Actually it’s very courageous to not only have hope but to actually admit it or in case of Ted, exhibit it.

So if you find yourself wondering whether you should abandon it think about Ted because in the end, he did make it rain.

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