´ Rainbow Experts -
September 27, 2015

The moment we think we’re experts we become less knowledgeable about stuff. This is not only true for domain experts but also for life. The moment we assume we know how things work chances are we stop being curious about them. That’s not necessarily a tragedy: I am quite happy to never find out how engines or dishwashers exactly work. If we fail to see everyday miracles it might be because of our assumptions.

Rainbows are not rainbows. If you look down on a rainbow from some elevated perspective you will see that they are perfect circles (physicists might point out that they are actually cones. As far as I know there’s no vantage point where rainbows appear as cones to the eye, but hey I’m no rainbow expert and would be thrilled to be staring at a colourful cone one day).

What else might we be delightfully mistaken about?

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