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October 6, 2016

People don’t like radicals and extremists. This doesn’t just concern terrorists but also vegans, vocal environmentalists or activists of any kind. It occurred to me not that long ago, that with the exception of violent people we don’t have to like some extremists but we should give them credit for how they change society. Personally I don’t like to hang around extremist people either because it feels like unless I join their cause I will always be immoral, irresponsible or ignorant.

However we have to acknowledge that our society does not exactly reward polite people making reasonable cases. “Ahem excuse me, but I noticed that there are chemicals in our food which cause cancer, would you mind saying no to your profit and replace them with something that is more expensive and might change the taste please?” That usually doesn’t cut it. Instead we need the people who decide to live completely without plastic, or animal products or find novel ways to pay for life or whatever else their mission is. They may succeed, fail or both at this but they are blasting the path for all of us, who are less willing to invest as much energy as them.

And if we cut people some slack by acknowledging, that while we might not want their vision 100% to be true, society adapting some of their ideas could be a very beneficial thing, they might even relax a bit in our presence and stop annoying us all together.

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