´ My Strengths Profile has Disappointed Me -
January 10, 2015

So you took the VIA survey, the Realise2, Strengthscope or the Clifton Strengthsfinder and the results suck.There might be three reasons for that:

  1. You feel the results do not represent the real you
  2. The top strengths do not correspond with your ideal version of yourself
  3. You might be in some special situation which made you answer the questions differently from how you normally would.

You Feel the Results Do not Represent the real you

This is a great opportunity. Thinking about your real self can be daunting and abstract. But if you have a list of things you don’t agree with write it all down. The beauty of this is that no matter what happens you learn more about yourself and that was the whole point. A next step could be to look at two things:

a) what do you agree with even if the rest doesn’t make sense to you?

b) if you look at the individual points you object to why do you think it affects you? Does it conflict with your values? Does it conflict with experiences you have had? The more specific you get the more this profile will teach yo.

The Results do not Match your Ideal Self

Do the results resemble a past you, you feel you have overcome? Or a present one you are trying to get away from? Do they highlight the gaps between who you are and who you want to be in a way that could inspire actions to get you closer to who you want to be? Or would it make more sense to make peace with your existing strengths instead of lusting after others?

Special Circumstances

It happens. Despite all the science that went into creating strengths assessments sometimes something goes wrong and you are answering questions in a way you normally wouldn’t. In those cases it might make sense to just retake the assessment later. However generally the assessments are designed in a way to be accurate, no matter what your mood is.


The most important take-away for you is this: even if you don’t agree at all with the results of your strengths profile this will illuminate aspects of yourself you may not have otherwise consciously thought about.



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