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June 2, 2015

Most problems have more than three possible solutions. Because we don’t learn this as kids we often go with one or two options. The problem is that if the options available are things we haven’t mastered in the past, it’s easy and even likely to undermine our belief in ourselves. I don’t know about you but my brain might say something like this:

‘I should stop procrastinating so much before writing my daily blog post’. This implies that the only solution comes from stopping something. But actually I could do lots of other things:

  • accept that I procrastinate for 30 min and therefore fill those 30 min with something different before even attempting to write
  • jump around and dance instead of procrastinating
  • accept what has been happening and not change a thing because after all, I did manage to write every day since December
  • read a book to manage procrastination
  • start much later so there is no time to procrastinate

I don’t propose you do this all the time. But if you don’t follow through with what you want to do, try lots of different options instead of beating yourself up.

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