´ One Person is enough -
December 21, 2014

It’s surprisingly hard to express gratitude every chance we get or to see the light side of things more often, even if we put our mind to it. In fact trying to increase or decrease any behaviour is often challenging because we a) simply forget or b) it might take more willpower than we have at our disposal, even if it’s a good thing, which should make us feel better.  We are trying to run before we can walk. Trying to do something in every possible situation is likely to dilute our efforts. And after experiencing lots of ‘meh’ moments we abandon the change all together because it’s not worth the trouble.

So  next time pick one person to direct your gratitude to. If you struggle take the person who elicits the most gratitude in you naturally. This may seem like lost energy because you and that person already have good things going however if you delight one person truly you see what you are capable of. Experiencing the depth of your own gratitude, kindness or whatever behaviour you would like more of in your life is a huge motivator, because you are not striving for something which might work (as heard on TV or read in books) but something that you have experienced first hand. 

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