´ Numbers and Status -
January 19, 2016

Ancient wisdom and happiness research keep pointing us at the same thing that everybody actually knows: chasing status and numbers doesn’t make you lastingly happy. But while this knowledge is often only theoretically available in our brain (we remember it when we’re reminded but we often don’t actively think about it and implement it) the opposite is reinforced throughout the day at work and elsewhere.

If we want to say goodbye to chasing and hello to living according to our values it’s a bit of an abrupt change. So instead of fighting the belief we are trying to abandon we can hold on to it for a while but expand what we see as markers of success. For example I can still care about how many downloads the podcast gets (a status and number based metric) but include other values such as making sure that I serve my listeners. From comments I get I know this is true even if someone never reaches out. I can be happy about that even when download numbers are down.


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