´ My Theory of Personal Success -
August 13, 2016

When I make an honest assessment of what is working in my life and what is not going according to plan it comes to this: in areas I do well I got clear on what I wanted, figured out a plan to stick to it and most importantly actually stuck to it no matter what else was going on. In other words I acted intentionally instead of reacting to life. That’s how I got a job in banking despite none of my teachers thinking I could do it,  launched a successful podcast or manage to meditate, walk and stick to other habits daily or weekly because I know they are the foundation of my peace of mind and all my future successes.

When I look at my finances a very different image emerges: I stick to a plan for two months but then an unexpected expense or opportunity pops up and I abandon it. Then I feel helpless and don’t do anything for a few weeks or months. Then the cycle begins again.

Until relatively recently money made me so uncomfortable that I didn’t bother formulating a philosophy and creating guidelines based on that philosophy which would help me be financially successful. In other areas of my life I figured out early enough that it would get me nowhere: it’s the equivalent of studying when you have time or podcasting when miraculously all other to-dos had just been kissed goodbye by a fairy.

So I will boldly claim that in every area of my life that I am not as successful as I want to be it means I have either not clarified what I want, haven’t defined how to get there or didn’t stick to the plan when the going got tough. Is this true for you too?

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