´ Too much self-development -
January 8, 2015

You read every self-development book that hits the bookshelves. You pay hundreds or even thousands of bucks for workshops, seminars and retreats. You seem to never get enough of that stuff. How do you know if that in itself is not some kind of problem (trust psychology folks to find problems you didn’t know you had)?

The question is what your goal is: are you trying to fill a void in your life? Instead of buying handbags do you buy courses? Or do you simply enjoy reading, thinking and trying out these things and workshops and seminars are welcome opportunities to meet like-minded people who share your interest?

If you are desperately trying to fill a void or solve a specific problem chances are that you are on the quest for the one thing that will change everything. This belief might be one of the problems because it whispers in your ear, that everything can only be alright, when the quest for the one thing is successful. In the meantime, despite everything, new books and courses are not transforming you, because they are not the one thing, so you wait a little longer. Furthermore they nourish the subconscious belief that you can not change successfully, because each book and seminar is a ‘failure’, even if you don’t tell yourself that.

If you recognize yourself in this description you have just taken the first step to changing this belief that one thing out there will solve all your problems: you are aware of it.

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