´ Moving for more than one Reason -
November 22, 2017

Very often we start running or working out for one reason: we want to lose weight or our doctor scared us into submission. When we have only one reason for doing something we are setting ourselves up for failure. If that one thing that we are hoping for doesn’t happen fast we give up. If we don’t drop the pounds or lower the blood pressure it seems worthless.

I want you to move because doing so makes you proud. I want you to move because you enjoy how your inactive muscles sigh in relief at being used. I want you to move because you might meet some cool people you can have a good time with. I want you to move so you are outside more. I want you to move so you can feel truly grateful that your body works, no matter what level you are at. I want you to feel the pride of being able to lift something you couldn’t move two months ago. I want you to keep your eyes open for more and more reasons why the things that are good for you are worth doing. And if that is the case you have a better shot at persevering even if you don’t immediately get the main thing you wanted.

If you never exercise tell Alexa to remind you to do 2 minutes of exercise every day. Nobody, not even the Pope, does not have two minutes to spare. Set a daily reminder.

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