´ Misleading Questions -
June 14, 2015

Today is voting Sunday in my corner of the world and when it comes to politics people can spend a lot of energy debating a question which is the wrong one to ask. The newspaper comment sections are brimming with discussions of whether taxing a large inheritance is just or not. Obviously the ones who have more than the two million think it’s unjust whereas the ones who don’t have it, think it’s fair.

However the question is not whether taxing large inheritances is just or not. The reason the government wants to do this is because we can’t pay for people’s retirement anymore. So the question is actually ‘is taxing large inheritances a way to solve that problem and if so is it more just than the alternative, which is to increase VAT for everyone’.

Now this is not a political blog so what got my attention is how often we spend lots of energy passionately debating something, often with ourselves, which in the end is simply the wrong question. Wrong questions to me are questions which are designed to stir up endless rumination or debate and negative feelings without the chance of coming to some kind of resolution or moving forward. ‘Am I good enough?’ or ‘do I deserve this?’ are such questions, but there are of course many others.

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