´ Linear Expectations -
December 28, 2014

Some thoughts take up residence in our brain like little mice: we don’t see them but only feel their presence and encounter

unwelcome evidence.

Our beliefs have very real consequences. The idea that things are straight-forward causes lots of fabricated frustration.

Kids rarely run around in straight lines: they love the exploration, the moment-to-moment adventure. But then as they lose their kid-like features we question every move that does not have a purpose or an immediate outcome. We teach them to not just stuff for fun or exploration’s sake but how to get from A to B in the fastest possible way.

This is of course how we do things. And then when something does not go according to plan, if there is no straight line from action A to outcome B we get frustrated with ourselves or other people.

Straight-forwardness can be nice but it’s not a birth right. It’s not how nature or humanity works. Remembering that every once in a while can save us a lot of frustration.

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