´ Letting go of the Evidence -
January 6, 2015

One of the biggest challenges of changing your mental climate is the fact that you have backed up your beliefs with years of evidence. Telling you to change your beliefs is a bit like telling a detective

to throw away his murder board chock full with verified facts. There is usually one objectively true answer to a ‘whodunnit’: one person who really is the murderer. Your beliefs are not that straight-forward: some are crap, some are true but very unhealthy when given too much attention and other facts are true and don’t get enough attention from you.

Letting go of evidence is impossible when the only criteria that you have to revisit a thought again and again is its truthfulness. Once you understand that all your thoughts, untrue, true but toxic and true and helpful want you to keep them alive, it gets easier to develop the necessary selectivity to consequently go with the true and most helpful thought.

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