´ A Lesson from Sushi -
December 24, 2014

Sushi gave me a lesson in economics and life.

One of the reasons I barely ever ate sushi was that here in Zurich you get little for lots of money. I looked at the portions and decided that it was not worth it. This year I learned that the difference between junk food and sushi is not an additional cost. It’s an investment in my health.  Because the nutritional value of this food is so much better than with junk food I get satisfied on less food.

The difference between cost and investment might seem tiny and only relevant to economics. However it’s one of the biggest destroyers of happiness and health. The reason is that most companies don’t understand this difference. Whether you see an employee as cost or an investment changes just about everything how you treat that person. An investment is meant to grow. A cost should be cut.

In your own life there is probably some confusion about the two which might be holding you back. I don’t mean whether you eat sushi or not. This is about every situation you spend money, energy or attention: are you saying no to things that could make you grow because the cost is too high? What is the cost of that?

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