´ Kiwi Fruits and Savouring -
April 2, 2015

There is so much to enjoy about a kiwi fruit: the strong green colour that changes in nuances as you hold it up to the light. How cool it is inside even if it was kept at room temperature. How it is not just one taste, but a combination of juicy-sweet and just enough sourness to really make the sweet stand out. How this one fruit has completely different textures: the almost furry outsides, the soft green flesh and the little white part, that is a bit harder to scoop up with a spoon and of course the black seeds.

Next time you walk past the fruit aisle take a few seconds to enjoy the variety of colours. Colours are like a drink to the thirsty eye. Enjoy the memory of the last really good fruit you ate. How abundant this world is in colour, tastes, textures and small miracles.


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