´ It's Overwhelming -
May 10, 2015

Yesterday I walked through an exhibition of groceries which contain palm oil which is really bad for the environment because it encourages people to cut down the rainforest. I looked at it and thought ‘gee we are not allowed to buy or eat anything anymore’. And that made me think that this is not just true of groceries but of thoughts, feelings and emotions as well.

On a good day it can be thrilling and interesting to learn about some aspect of life that you have never thought about. But on others it can be overwhelming. Maybe this blog overwhelms you too from time to time. So much to think about, so many impulses to become aware of and possibly master in order to reach our goals. Nobody can keep up. Why not forget about it all and just go back to doing our usual thing and forget about the consequences?

You have options. Every thought on this blog, every thought in your head, everything you shop or click on represents an option. We have to forget this from time to time or we would probably go nuts. But when you find yourself in a receptive state of mind look at all these things as a buffet of reaffirming the values you treasure: you can’t do all but you can select some choices and see how they taste. If it’s good keep doing it. If not, move on.

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