´ Intellectual Weapons -
June 27, 2016

This is a note to myself and who knows maybe you do it too sometimes: using the ability to express yourself well as a weapon. Making good arguments is usually thought of as a strength. People admire if you can make arguments well and frankly it feels satisfying to do so. The arguments that are the best for political debate and other kinds of fights are the ones where your argument is so good, that no matter how the other person reacts you are right. These arguments make us feel smart and up to the challenge. However on a human level they are like caging or even choking the other person. If they can make a good rebuttal the debate will go on, likely in the same spirit of trying to land the next blow. If they can’t make a good rebuttal we feel that we were right all along. On a human level though that doesn’t matter: the person will not remember the facts but that you tried to cage and choke them. They will remember that you use your intelligence as a weapon. If they have a shot at this game they will come back better prepared if they’re ever in the mood to fight again (if they don’t feel like fighting chances are you will feel smug that your argument was the better one). If they’re not up to the challenge they will just register you as an enemy in their memory and possibly fight back on a completely different level, let’s say by saying fuck you to everyone who reminds them of you (like for example politicians who make smart arguments).

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