´ Imperceptible Changes -
February 18, 2015

We understand changes only through comparison. Therefore we are naturally paying attention to big changes because you don’t need to be perceptive to detect those. However nature’s changes are mostly imperceptible when they happen: the leaves don’t change from one day to the next but start with small spots that change colour. The change might seem sudden if we haven’t looked at

leaves for a long time but if you would take a picture every 12 hours you would see gradual changes. Even a child in midst of a growth spurt does not literally grow up in front of you.

However when it comes to changes we want to make in real life we often expect to see the big results instantly. The gradual almost imperceptible change however is often the most enduring. Unless we learn to detect them ourselves, they can be demotivating because the compliments by others might not come for a very long time.

As the famous sailing metaphor goes: adjusting the course just 1% will bring you to a completely different destination over the long run.

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