´ Healthy Arrogance -
January 12, 2015

Bad adjectives are scary. We don’t want them to be attached to our name. What do you avoid doing to not be called arrogant? What do you do so nobody suspects you of arrogance? And do you do or not do these things even when nobody is around? The problem with this is

that we think that even a small dose of arrogance is bad. Even a drop of arrogance equals jerk that nobody will like, ever. This leads us to censor ourselves. Sometimes a good move. However if you want to do something that nobody in your circle of influence has done they will constantly question you. That can get to you. Or you shut it off. If you decide to shut it off people might be offended. Maybe they will think you are arrogant. Until you are successful. Then you will be reframed as the person they always believed in.

If you let the fear of being called arrogant or any other adjective keep you from sticking with what you need to do, you value a passing judgment higher than your ultimate goal.



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