´ So good you forget your chewing gum -
November 8, 2017

We recently talked about the flourishing formula PERMA by Martin Seligman. The E stands for engagement. That’s the feeling you get when you are so engrossed in an activity that everything else ceases to exist. Your brain chatter, your biological urges and your sense of time fade away. This state is called flow. It happens when the challenge we are working on is hard but within our reach. If a task is too easy we get bored. If it’s too hard we feel anxious.

People who experience flow frequently are happier,  healthier and feel that their life is more meaningful.

Using your feelings of boredom, satisfaction and anxiousness take three minutes right now and think about what activities lead to flow. If you feel super bored about many activities consider how you could replace or modify the activity with something more challenging. If you feel anxious think about ways to break down the level of complexity. Good luck mentally optimizing your day for flow.

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