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February 20, 2016

You’re in this situation and you wonder ‘what would Jesus (or that dude from Fight Club, whatever your preference is) do now?’. I don’t know about you but I havent’ found a hero who I feel does what I think is the right thing in every single situation.

So I recently had a fun idea: what if I would take the concept of fantasy football (for each position choose the best player you can think of) and apply it to my role models? It could be done for business, love, health or anything else we are interested in. Here are how I would fill the positions, 11 players in total like a real football (soccer) team:

  • Goalkeeper (keeps the worst from happening: Kristin Neff)
  • Defenders (Boundaries: Gretchen Rubin, Brené Brown, Andy Puddicombe, Alain de Botton)
  • Midfielders (Strategists: Derek Sivers, Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields)
  • Strikers (Scoring: Tim Ferriss, Jack Kerouac, Liz Gilbert)

It’s a fun way to remind me of the central concepts of how I choose to live my life. Each person stands for one or several concepts which I find helpful and use regularly or simply has a way of thinking that I find extremely beneficial for my own life.

So that you understand what I mean and can start thinking about your own fantasy football players I will explain my choices in more detail:

No matter what happens the concept of self-compassion usually makes all the difference to me between feeling bad and feeling horrible. So by putting the researcher who popularized this concept in the position of goalkeeper I can remember that.

Next up are the defenders. I see them as the foundation, the ones which ensure that I live by rules, boundaries and practices that ensure that I can function well and deal with difficult situations. So I picked a champion for symbolizing habits (Gretchen Rubin) to remind me that it’s the stuff we do daily that makes the biggest difference. Next up is the research-storyteller Brené Brown who teaches how to do deal with shame, vulnerability and getting back on our feet with authenticity and courage. Andy Puddicombe is the guy behind the meditation app Headspace which I use every day. He reminds me not only of the power of mindfulness but how by observing our thoughts in a non-judgmental way difficult situations become much easier to deal with. The philosopher Alain de Botton is next because he reminds me to question everyday concepts in a thoughtful way.

I am sure you are getting the point now so I will only elaborate on one of the remaining folks in each position.

Derek Sivers is a non-conformist multi-millionaire extraordinaire who reminds me to put the fun in places unexpected and never go by the rules, just because everybody says so. He lives his live exactly how he wants to.

Tim Ferriss represents several concepts that I find are crucial for success: the value of experimentation (he was called the world’s best human guinea pig) in terms of fun, curiosity but also business sense.

Some people are not easy to place like Liz Gilbert because she would also make a prime defender. And of course every team has great substitute players.

So who are your role models, your fantasy life team?


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