´ An Expert in Peace not Terror -
March 24, 2016

The frequency with which European cities have been hit by terrorist attacks in the last 18 months has risen dramatically. It seems that we have to accept that this is part of our lives, which is not only sad but terrifying. Yet conflicts which seemed like there’s no way out have been resolved in the past. If you can’t help but read about these attacks and getting pulled down further and further I would encourage you to read up on past conflicts and how they have been resolved. Maybe it’s not the same circumstances and maybe the same solution doesn’t work everywhere. But feeling helpless, terrified and possibly hateful is not what brings about peace. If you know what does and how seemingly unsolvable conflicts have been solved you can not only keep yourself from despair but possibly the people around you as well. We can be honest about our fears and our sadness but still look to what worked in the past.

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