´ Every Day a new Chance -
November 17, 2017

Many waste precious time lamenting the times we did something wrong. This is actually a convenient excuse to not start with anything productive. Growth mindset on the other hand teaches us, that we get a new shot every day. Even if we have wasted the last couple of decades with a fixed mindset we can start with a growth mindset right now. Don’t get angry at yourself if you catch your mind berating you about the pass. This is a natural outcome that will eventually be reversed if you make a growth mindset your new habit. That means that you strive to make the best with whatever you have instead of giving up because you don’t have enough intelligence, money or well-connected friends. It means that you are mindful of the journey instead of doing things for the outcome only. With a growth mindset failures cause you to re-evaluate and take note of the lessons learned. Why not start today?

Tomorrow we will talk about winners who quit.

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