´ Eliminating Disappointment -
January 20, 2015

Eliminating disappointment can be a good goal, that motivates us to grab opportunities, even the ones which are beyond our comfort zone. However once disappointment has caught up with you, should not be the goal to turn the other way. Disappointment communicates to us the hopes and expectations we might not have been aware about. When we run and hide from disappointment we will miss that vital information. But isn’t positive psychology about focusing on the good? Absolutely. However there is something very valuable if you look at the nature of your disappointment, especially if you do it without reliving it and more with a healthy distance: you are not your disappointment. Disappointment does not mean that you have failed: it means that your expectations where not met. If you know what kind of expectations you carry around it is much easier, to either work on reframing them or finding new pathways and options to meet those expectations.

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