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December 17, 2014

Did you enjoy homework at school? Chances are that if you didn’t you were conditioned to resist them. All the ‘this sucks’ and ‘I want to play’ got filed away in your brain and are recalled, minus the memories, which would give you a clue, where the resistance is coming from. So every chance we get to do exercises to grow or become fitter is a reason for a little upheaval. When it comes to using your strengths or doing positive psychology exercises it’s exactly the same. So a part of you thinks ‘can I really gain something here?’. After all with lots of good things in life like hanging out with good friends or enjoying a good meal we don’t have to convince ourselves to do it.

So let’s do a little reframing which by the way is a deceptive word, because it implies that only the frame is changed while the painting stays the same: using your strengths or writing a description of your best possible self are experiences not exercises. They are basically a way of saying to the world: ‘hey I wanna play with you. I want to see what happens when I postpone watching TV or whatever else I could do instead. I want to be my own Santa Clause for twenty minutes and try out what it’s like to act out a life where my values matter and I am the measure of my own success.’

If you succeed in harnessing your imagination the world you created will stop being something that you have to push towards through doing exercises. Instead it will start pulling you in with its desire to be born into your real life.

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