´ Don't be the Disabler -
April 30, 2015

Paralyzed man using his wheelchair


Only 50% of the challenge of being disabled comes from actually being disabled.  We disable each other by

thinking in stereotypes instead of seeing the real person. What makes life hard is how disabled folks are treated by society: buildings without access, being seen as disabled instead of a human with a disability or the assumption that they are poor and unfortunate beings.

However this tendency is not just confined to people with disability: by seeing only a condition instead of a human with a condition or a challenging life situation we deny people the right to be whole. I bet in some instances (or more often if we are in trouble) we even do it to ourselves, seeing ourselves only through what we can’t do or don’t have.

But remember: only 50% comes down to actual constraints. 50% depend on how we treat each other and ourselves. If we see people as strong, even if we don’t know their strengths just yet we help to make people lead more independent lives, including ourselves.


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