´ Diagnose where you are Flourishing -
November 6, 2017

Are you flourishing? Maybe some areas of your life are going better than others. To help you understand why that is, we can use a formula devised by the psychologist Martin Seligman. The acronym is called PERMA. It stands for positive emotions. Engagement. Relationships. Meaning and achievement. Look at your job: during which activities do you feel positive emotions. When are you so engaged that you lose your sense of time while being productive? Who do you have the best relationships with? What part of your job gives you a sense of meaning? Are you achieving things that are important to you? The cool thing about this formula is that you can apply it to everything to get a deeper understanding about how to improve a situation. It’s also a good way to feel gratitude as we might become aware of things that are good that we didn’t even think about.

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