´ Constructive Comparison -
November 24, 2017

If you are interested in happiness and motivation you have probably been told, to not compare yourself with others. You know it makes you unhappy and yet it’s really hard to stop, isn’t it? So let’s try a different way of comparing instead. Next time you think “I wish I had that six-pack” ask yourself why. “Why do I want that six-pack?”. “Because it looks great and I will be happy walking around shirtless. “Who else already has a six-pack?” “Is each and every one of them happy every day?” “Are there other ways to attain happiness in life?” “Are you willing to measure what you eat, adhere to a strict meal plan and work out every single day for the next three years?” “If yes stop and start right now.” “If not why are you wasting your time, instead of dreaming about something you are actually willing to work for?”

Comparison can be many things: it can make us unhappy. It can make us believe we want things we are actually not willing to work for. But it can also signal that something is truly important to us. If it really is, we will not flake out of doing the work.

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