´ Christmas, the World Cup and Thunderstorms -
December 25, 2014

What do Christmas, the World Cup and the weather have in common? Synchronicity: the same thing happens to a large number of people at the same moment. Turns out despite the beauty of making your own choices every once in a while we enjoy having the same things happening to all the people we know. You can ignore the World Cup, you can go somewhere else for Christmas but it’s surprisingly hard to truly get away.

This kind of synchronicity can make us feel both more divided and more united with the world at large.

I remember scoffing at how passionately my co-workers used to discuss the thunderstorm that made all of us nearly fall out of bed. How can people concern themselves with such shallow talk? Who cares?

They care. Not so much about the weather itself but the connection you feel towards the people who no matter what, heard and saw the same thing and thought similar thoughts at precisely the same moment. Synchronicity expressed in small talk is joy expressed at being connected even for one moment.

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