´ Bridge over Troubled Water -
February 4, 2015

So you are ready to give it a go. You want to express strengths more in your life but like starting other habits, this seems daunting. One way of solving the problem is building

bridges from your existing and often used strengths. These are the strengths that you use every day without even thinking too much. So let’s say that strength is humour. Now the strength that you want to use more often is kindness.

The first step would be to understand how these two strengths interact and what they have in common. If someone is having a hard time making them smile can be a kind thing to do. Even on a good day who doesn’t like a laugh? So the joke can be a segway into sensing what people need because it can be the beginning of a caring interaction, even if it just takes a couple of minutes.

Maybe however you overdo humour and this leads to people being upset. In that case you can think ‘well this is the funniest thing to say but what would be the kindest thing to say?’ It might take a few days or even weeks, but eventually the kind response will come to you. Maybe it’s hard and unnatural at first. However eventually you can use your existing and frequently used strengths to develop others or tone them down.

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