´ The Biggest Achievement -
January 2, 2015

The bamboo forest of Kyoto, Japan.

Success happens on special days: graduation, the day you get promoted or a child is born. However is this really how success happens? Or are we confusing peak-experiences with success? Real success is much quieter and harder to pin down.

It happens when you have managed to establish a new habit so completely, that you don’t even think about it and just do it. Yes habits do not guarantee that you reach the outcome you imagine but without them it’s pretty damn hard.

Everything worth striving for requires prolonged effort. It’s very likely that one course, one week of exercising or one afternoon of creating won’t get you where you want to be.

So instead of just thinking of the end-point as a success make it your priority to establish the kind of habits, which will take you to your dream and beyond. Even if you don’t reach your goals yet or in the way you imagined good habits will take you where you need to go.

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