´ Beware of Genes -
January 4, 2015

Genes sound so trustworthy. You can’t argue with a discovered gene. It’s just so sciency. Which is precisely why we like to read about them. Largely we know what’s good for us but we don’t do it. So we feel bad. That is until a gene is discovered. A gene that will explain to the world exactly,

why exercising makes no sense for you and why you might as well refrain from doing it, because you can’t change your body type any more than your eye colour. Or a gene that explains why you can’t make sensible financial decisions.

There is nothing wrong with genes and there’s nothing wrong with people researching them. What is wrong is to use genes as an excuse, even one that you never utter to the world, to not do what’s good for you or stop what’s bad for you. You’re a big girl or boy. It’s perfectly alright for you to make decisions like not exercising. But stand tall and don’t go hiding behind the next best gene. That won’t make you fit. But you will respect yourself more because you have stopped lying to yourself.

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